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3 Things You Should Do When Hiring a Web Designer

Follow These Simple Rules To Remain In Control of Your Website

You are most likely in the process of hiring a web designer, right?  Good, so let’s get right to it.  We’re going to talk about three things you should do immediately after you make the final decision on your new web designer.

Register Your Own Domain Name

Jewelmedia BlogLet’s be clear here. It’s a foregone conclusion that you need a domain name.  But, let be specific. You should purchase and register the domain, not your web designer.  Why? Well let’s use real life examples.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve consulted for or taken over a website and the owner did not technically own domain name. Who owned it? You guessed it! That web designer who eventually left the project for one reason or another. When it came time to renew or change hosting, the business owner was left stranded, waiting for their domain information for one reason or another.  It’s always best to have control of your domain!

Get Cloud Storage

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The second task to check off your list: Create a cloud storage account. Here are a few to consider (in no order of importance):

Establish a backup schedule with your web designer and verify that the backup files are uploaded to your cloud drive on a regular basis. If you hire 3rd party blog writers, it’s also best to create a blog folder.  Your blogs should be uploaded, along with any media files.

Verify Media Copyright


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If you will be using third party media (images, video or music),  verify that the web designer has permission to use that media.  If you or your web designer has purchased Royalty Free media, upload the original files to your Cloud Drive, along with the receipt of purchase.  Did you know that you can get high quality images and video for free?  Check out UNSPLASH and COVRER  for high quality images and video.

So now you know that you should complete these important tasks when you have hired your web designer:

  1. Register your domain name
  2. Get Cloud Storage
  3. Verify Media Copyrights

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